pakiboy4000 PS4/PS5 - Open

Registration number: 1007
Registrator: Haroon Asghar Log in
Leader: Haroon Asghar
pakiboy4000 was one of 108 clubs from the UK that had teams playing during Esports Live UK 2021. They participated with one team in PS4/PS5 - Open.

In addition to pakiboy4000, 63 other teams from 6 different countries played in PS4/PS5 - Open. They were divided into 8 different groups, whereof pakiboy4000 could be found in Group A together with Pendley24, Grifff187, LFCharlie, CoolAC_10VK, waheyxox, Scalesyy and t1xpfk_.

pakiboy4000 comes from Ashton-under-Lyne which lies approximately 260 km from London, where Esports Live UK takes place. The area around Ashton-under-Lyne does also provide 26 additional clubs participating during Esports Live UK 2021 (Among others: GEORGEDEAN247, Gka241001, Samunited20, Andyslines, ST4NSFIELD, TL_862_, Th3 Fr4ud, Nutzy08, Salfordian1878 and BigManGakz).

7 games played


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