sharingancool45 PS4/PS5 - Open

Registration number: 1006
Registrator: Aimar Rakhmat Log in
Leader: Aimar Rakhmat
sharingancool45 was the only club from Common.Nation.From.QA that had teams playing during Esports Live UK 2021. They participated with one team in PS4/PS5 - Open.

In addition to sharingancool45, 16 other teams played in PS4/PS5 - Open. They were divided into 3 different groups, whereof sharingancool45 could be found in Group B together with tiezalboThe2nd, Sgt_noscope_N008, BCJproski, RealChocolateBoo and TheGymnasticPig.

sharingancool45 comes from Liverpool which lies approximately 280 km from London, where Esports Live UK takes place. The area around Liverpool does also provide 27 additional clubs participating during Esports Live UK 2021 (Among others: WillWood1505, Sxmuelll, TheGymnasticPig, ZGorst, evemarieconn, JLaiiy, AmbroseLad, Daniel16jones, tiezalboThe2nd and TxCraig22).

5 games played


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