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THETERMINAT0R11 was one of 66 clubs from the UK that had teams playing during Esports Live UK 2021. They participated with one team in XBOX Finals.

In addition to THETERMINAT0R11, 25 other teams played in XBOX Finals. They were divided into 8 different groups, whereof THETERMINAT0R11 could be found in Group H together with ST4NSFIELD and mattyj289.

THETERMINAT0R11 continued to Playoff A after reaching 2:nd place in Group H. In the playoff they made it to 1/8 Final, but lost it against gKEANO with 0-1. In the Final, ST4NSFIELD won over JkBonnett and became the winner of Playoff A in XBOX Finals.

3 games played


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